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Hill Walking


Sutherland is a haven for hill walkers, below are just a selection of the well known mountains, all of which are within relatively close proximity to Glenbain and Loanan. 


Quinag is an 808 metres (2,651 feet) high mountain range nearby with three summits attaining Corbett status with an undulating series of peaks along its Y-shaped crest. The ascent of all three is regarded as one of the finest hillwalks in Scotland, with fine peaks, dramatic ridges and stunning views. The name Quinag is an anglicisation of the Gaelic name Cuinneag, a milk pail, reflecting its distinctive shape.


Canisp is situated in the parish of Assynt, 15 miles north of Ullapool. When viewed from the west, it is a fine cone-shaped Corbett, whilst from the north it appears a steep wall. The shortest ascent is by its eastern slopes which are much more open lower down and afford superb views of the Assynt peaks close by. Reaching a height of 847 metres (2779 feet), it qualifies as a Corbett and Marilyn hill. The mountain’s name translates from the Old Norse language as “White Mountain”.


Suilven, with its remarkable outline comprising of a steep sided ridge over 1.25 mile in length enjoys iconic status as one of Scotland’s best known and most easily recognised mountains. Located in the west of Sutherland, it rises to a height of 731 metres (2,398 feet) from the wilderness landscape of Inverpolly National Nature Reserve.


Conival is in view from Inchnadamph reaching a height of 987 metres (3,238 feet) and is classified as a Munro. It is connected to the adjoining and better known Munro of Ben More Assynt which lies less than one mile to the east by a high, rough quartzite ridge. With its rich diversity of attractions on its slopes, it is popular not just with walkers but also geologists, biologists and speleologists.

Ben More Assynt

The name Ben More Assynt translates as “big mountain of Assynt”. Located 19 miles north east of Ullapool it is the highest point in Sutherland boasting a height of 998 metres (3,274 feet). Lying in the east of Assynt, Ben More Assynt is set apart from the area’s better known and more dramatic (but lower) mountains such as Suilven. It is hidden from the traveller on the A837 road by the adjacent Munro of Conival, and the best views of it are obtained from nearby summits. The higher slopes of the mountain are capped by light coloured quartzite boulders, giving it a distinctive appearance.

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View of Ben More Assynt

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Quinag towers over the Kylesku Bridge

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Summit Ridge of Suilven

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View of Canisp and Suilven Together

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